Decentralization: PASADA has reached its limit in terms of upward growth and the 2008 – 2012 strategy has decentralization as its focal point.  The aim is to consolidate and expand the outreach sites that resulted from the first phase of decentralization (2003 – 2008). Currently, there are 17 VCT sites, 12 HBC sites, 5 ART sites, 12 PMTCT sites and 17 OVC support sites.  This strategy  also focuses on interdenominational networking in the communities, promoting collaboration and support with other faith groups.
The main objectives are to bring services closer to those who need them, to actively involve community members in fighting HIV and AIDS, to reduce stigma and discrimination and to empower communities to identify and mobilize their own resources in response to the pandemic.

Family-Centered Care: About 9 months ago, PASADA decided to initiate a pilot project focused on the family-centered approach to care for targeted groups of particularly vulnerable clients. The pilot group is composed of young teenage HIV+ clients in particularly fragile physical, psychological and social situations. This approach brings the client, an interdisciplinary team of professionals and family members all together to collaborate in achieving the client’s wellbeing and to establish goals of care. So far, the project has given encouraging results and will be evaluated at the end of the first year and scaled up.

Strong, active promotion of HIV testing: If people do not know their HIV status, they cannot access care and treatment. Currently in Tanzania, not enough people have been enrolled in the ART program, mainly because not enough people are testing.  PASADA’s 2008 – 2012 strategic plan also focuses on strong and active promotion of HIV testing.

Integrating marginalized groups: (alcoholics, criminals, drug abusers etc.) into life skills programmes: aiming at reintegrating them into their communities as agents of change. This project is linked to programmes for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, particularly looking at teenagers on the borderline of risky behavior.


25 September 2021


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