• HIV and AIDS community sensitization
  • Prevention and promotion of access to VCT services
  • Promotion of care and support for PLWHA and OVC
  • Reduction of HIV and AIDS related stigma and discrimination
  • Sensitisation at community level about PASADA and its services, as an organization
  • operating under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam providing services without discrimination of any kind
  • Creation of awareness about drug and alcohol abuse, gender violence and poverty.
  • Promotion of behaviour change

Promotion of inter-denominational collaboration in the fight against HIV and AIDS The methodology used in Community Education work is participatory and includes the following techniques: drama and music, codes, discussion, direct interaction with participants, distribution of informative pamphlets and other IEC material, Stepping Stones Courses (life skills), targeted topic presentations, debates and the use of selected videotapes.

The program relies strongly on the collaboration of community health educators (volunteers) without whom it would be difficult to reach such a large segment of the population. These volunteers are chosen by the community through the Parish Health Committees and are known and respected members of their communities, thereby facilitating community entry and implementation of activities. Training of the volunteers has increased the skills and capacity of these local human resources.


25 September 2021