Maria Manders from Holland, a specialist of reflexology with an experience of almost thirty years, visited PASADA

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 Maria Manders from Holland, a specialist of reflexology with an experience of almost thirty years,   visited PASADA for the first time in 2004. Moved by PASADA services and the type of people served by Home Based Care Department ever since she has been coming to PASADA every year to give foot massage reflexology to patients and clients during home visits in the company of home based care staffs. Despite giving massage to patients and clients she also trains staff and home based care volunteers to do so.

She came to PASADA once again this year on 4th October and stayed for three weeks. The first two weeks she accompanied Home based care staff and gave massage to patients in their homes. She used the third week for training. Thirty four (34) people were trained on how to perform foot massage reflexology. These included staffs, volunteers and clients.Maria said,” I educate PASADA staffs and volunteers how to do the foot reflex massage so that they can perform that to patients whenever they visit them. Feet massage reflexology provides the following therapeutic effects:

  • Stimulate hormonal glands to function
  • Reduces pain, there are instances when pain may disappear  completely
  • Enhances blood circulation,  removes waste products from the body
  • Releases mental tension leading to relaxation

However she advises that if the person you are giving massage is really sick he/she should see a doctor. Most of the patients she visited are bedridden and are poor. Maria promised when she comes again next year she will be happy to see the fruits of what she taught. Maria Manders left some teaching materials that can be used for reference. They can be viewed in PASADA website in downloads. On behalf of clients PASADA is very grateful for Mary’s generosity and prays that God rewards her abundantly.





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