Maria Manders from Holland, a specialist of reflexology with an experience of almost thirty years,   visited PASADA for the first time in 2004. Moved by PASADA services and the type of people served by Home Based Care Department ever since she has been coming to PASADA every year to give foot massage reflexology to patients and clients during home visits in the company of home based care staffs. Despite giving massage to patients and clients she also trains staff and home based care volunteers to do so.

From the photos are GLRA Members who visited to PASADA .( Henrich Steffens,Lioba Lichbdlay,Monika Stelleus,Gertrud Dialer,Christa Voll,Christa Sturm,Hubert Voll and Lothar Eberl). The GLRA has been supported PASADA to fight TB/ HIV for more than ten years

Dr. Morita Patel from Atlanta paid a visit to PASADA to see how pediatrics programs are being implemented, accompanied by Dr. Alck from CDC and some members from MDH.

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